Top 15 Free WordPress Themes for Blogging in 2019

June 2, 2019

Today we will be covering a list of the top 10 best or most recommended free wordpress themes for your blog on WordPress!

Here you will find a variety of different free wordpress themes for your blog, whether you are a new entrepreneur, a student looking to show case your work or just a blogger that wants a new twist to your site. Onwards to the list!

Here are the Best Free WordPress Themes


Here we have a very professional looking theme, Zakra has a very modern style and offers a very responsive sensation. It’s used in many industries, mostly for business it has several demos available that cover any kind of commerce to creating your very own personal portfolio should you need one. This theme has remained a popular one since it was first released to the public.

zakra wordpress theme

It has a lot of free features, such as being able to display testimonials from clients, offer a view of team members and a support for a page building plugin “Elementor”. Easy to customize this is a sure option for anyone looking for a business theme in WordPress.


Famous for it’s 5 minutes set-up, we have a cool nice ambiance theme for your business, it offers a clean colorful space for you to put up your logo and or brand for a team enterprise.

astrid free wordpress theme

It’s also optimized for viewing in any kind of device available to date, it offers different display options, focused mostly in what a client would be interested, graphs and counters treating performance or even stock market. Very sober and professional theme.


This is one of the few free themes in WordPress that actually offers a beyond normal sensation of premium, it’s a beautiful theme with a minimalistic touch that is perfect both for small business and personal blog.

vega free wordpress theme

It offers animated content, generating a creative ambient that is new and refreshing, it does come with a few arrays of color as presets, does offer custom CSS for more seasoned users that like the basic layout but want a little more control. This is without a doubt a very good option.


We have yet another business centered theme, with Vantage you have the upper hand presenting your take in the technological industry, it does offer a very responsible layout and it’s optimized for any device, perfecto for those that read the morning article while on the route for work.

vantage free wordpress theme

It comes with a couple of very cool plugins to help you create, customize and manage your webpage, supports high resolution images for background and menu, it can also be more interactive than other themes, since it can be adapted to provide a sort of chat using a threaded comment scheme much like reddit.

Arcade Basic

Now this theme provides a very light website with more focus on images such as the one in the header and background, it’s ideal for people that like to share a big presentation followed by many stories, it offers a 8 post format that can support images, video and GIF.

arcade basic free wordpress theme

It’s also compatible with many plugins, so much that you can bring your favorite one to help you create and customize your webpage.

Asteria Lite

Asteria Lite is bring to the able a clean and very responsive look, the interface feels very modern and functional, it comes with beautiful slider presentation where you can post anything you like, news, promotions, new pictures from your travels… anything!

asteria lite free wordpress theme

So why not give Asteria a spin, if you’re looking for a new blog for travel, business or commerce this theme will have a lot to offer you, ranging from a long list of plugins, for you and your readers, to an integrated translation tool with many languages available.

Riba Lite

This is the perfect theme for storytellers and writers that like to focus on a certain type of content and build stories around it, it provides a lovely mosaic view of each post accompanied by high resolution picture. Perfect for bloggers and content creator this is a must check on your list.

riba lite free wordpress theme

If you have your own personal logo you can use it with this theme, it also offers what might be considered premium features for other themes like large images, parallax effects and overlaying text, it comes with social media options available for each post and the option to receive input trough comments at the bottom of every post.


Here we find a powerful free option for your website, it looks and feels very modern it’s very responsive and comes with a lot of customizable elements and even a free translation tool that supports many languages.

everal free wordpress theme

This theme is a primordial choice if you’re looking to create a modern and stylish blog to share your stories or experiences in life. As many of other themes it does offer a paid version that comes with more premium functions and features, but why bother? The free version of Everal already has a lot to offer and looks great!


Now we have the top WordPress theme for wedding portfolios, so if you’re a wedding photographer or just want to share with the world what might be the most special day of your life, do be sure to check out this theme.

match free wordpress themes

It is definitely blog oriented and offer the same set of plugins and features than any other theme, putting more emphasis on photographs and videos, having a small, but customizable, section where people can post comments or even bids on the photographers at the wedding.

DNM Bible

Ok now, I know what you’re thinking… and you’re right, the name says it all, it is a free and cool option for darknet writers and tor content generators, but not only that it’s also optimized to provide a nice simple and almost retro feel of what a blog should be.

justwrite free wordpress theme

It offers customization for color, headers and of course supports a variety of arrays and it’s very responsive, overall, it’s very well made and emphasizes stability over flashiness.


Here we have an interesting option for a grid base blog, this is exactly what it is, it does offer the same long list of plugins as the other themes, a bit more color support than most and different option for customization of icons, logos and presentation for your stories and media.

Alizee free wordpress theme


Velux is a very refined theme for WordPress, elegant and light it offers clean and nice interphase for the newer users. It’s simple and support a variety of different style sheets, it relies mostly on HTML and despite the lack of updates it can be considered somewhat popular among users.

velux free wordpress theme


Now here we have a multipurpose theme ready to be used for business or personal blogging, it’s very modern and clean, relies on the white space to generate a more visual outlook into your content. With this theme you can create a large number of layouts that make your site feel vibrant and alive

enlightenment free wordpress theme

It gives the options to include a custom background, the option to include many columns for any topics you have in mind. Does support a lot of plugins and widgets. It comes with translation support and is very light to use and download.


This is a theme that hits the bullseye when it comes to what an online store should be like, it has many options for customization but they all focus on giving any product you might post a clean and nice description of the price, name accompanied by a picture of the item.

estore free wordpress theme

It generates a more social ambiance for your store since the customers can add a comment on your services and the quality of your product. It’s a free theme the offers the efficacy of a paid one. Flexible, light and powerful.


Now Tracks offers a blog type layout, and like the name suggest it’s ideal for keeping the public updated on your travels and experiences, it provides a lot of space for a high resolution background picture, the central positioned feed is clean and easy to read, you only need to scroll down to keep reading other articles.

tracks free wordpress theme

It’s very responsive and compatible with any device, it comes with social media support, enough space for your favorite pictures and it does come with a handy translation tool for your readers. It also incorporates the possibility to add various plugins and widgets to make your life with this theme a lot better.

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