What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code? In the realm of digital technology, a QR code also known as Quick Response code emerges as a versatile tool. This two-dimensional matrix barcode, first launched by Japanese firm Denso Wave in 1994, dramatically outpaces traditional barcodes in terms of data storage. Your smartphone turns into an efficient scanning device with a QR code scanner app ready to decode these information-packed codes.

Resolving Your Insurance Claim

Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability’s examination of 2005 hurricane claims in Florida demonstrated an astonishing 747% increase in average compensation when a public adjuster was engaged, compared to when policyholders pursued the claims independently. Even after factoring in the adjuster’s fee, this translates to a substantially augmented payment.
Let’s face it, insurance companies are not knocking down your door to pay your property insurance claim. Hiring representation and having a public adjuster by your side for complex insurance claims is a necessity.

Navigating Insurance Claims After a Loss

It’s hard for a policyholder to go up against their insurance company. Typically, this is not something you have experience with day to day. After a loss your insurance company wants to you get quotes, document your loss and provide them a specific dollar figure that you are owed and you are expected to follow the policy and mitigate your loss. Our public adjusters manage the complexities of the process after a devastating loss to ensure your duties under the policy are met, your property damage is properly scoped and documented, your insurance coverage is meticulously reviewed and the claim is settled fairly on your behalf.

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