Wix vs WordPress : Which is the best for your business?

May 30, 2019

As you might have heard Wix vs WordPress are two of the most popular website building platforms being used today, but which one is better? How do they compare to one another? We’ll hopefully provide a solution to those questions in what follows.

Wix vs WordPress comparison on the following categories:

  • Ease of use.
  • Pricing.
  • Design.
  • Functions.
  • Support and community.

This will be graded from 0.0 to 5.0 as maximum score in a field. At the end the scores will be pondered and we’ll reach a verdict.

First, we have Wix, founded in 2006 it has grown large over the last couple of years, to the point where it can be considered one of the top enterprises in its field. While still not the first reference when it comes to website building it certainly poses a serious competition to be the very best.

Then we have, the well known WordPress, older than Wix by 3 years, this enterprise released to the world in 2003 has also experienced massive growing both in user quantity as well as technology implemented. Today is considered the reference when it comes to creating a new website or blog. Now we begin comparing these two platforms.

Ease of use Wix vs WordPress

Between the two we do have to say that both are very user friendly, while keeping in mind that new users come in daily basis, they do a good job explaining the basics to those that know nothing about creating a web site. While WordPress maintains a more classical approach Wix takes it one step further and adds a click and drag feature that helps customize your webpage. Both allow the creation and customization without the need to code anything, but in this sense Wix feels more like you’re just using an app than actually creating your very own website, while WordPress still retains the feel.

Considering the amount of time invested on making a platform user friendly we do have to give an edge to Wix, over the last few years it has gone on to become a favorite E-Commerce platform for most of the new entrepreneurs out there. WordPress does have E-Commerce but the way most pages are set up gives the feel of being more like a blog.

The freedom for new-user input into a webpage is greater on Wix, having more features that make it easy to manage for most of the people that are scared of coding. However, both platforms have an editor that will allow full-customization if you know what you’re doing.

wordpress vs wix ease of use



Pricing Wix vs WordPress

Ok, the pricing… nothing in this world is really free and as such each platform has unique, but similar, service plans. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there is the option of creating a free page on either one, albeit with many restrictions.

Right now we are focusing in the payment plans and their features. Wix having a payment range from 4$ to 24$ per month. Giving different and more advanced features as the pay amount increases.

wix pricing plans

WordPress also has a free plan and payment plans for more features, the pricing range are.

wordpress pricing plans

And the features offered by each plan are the following.

wix feature list
wordpress.com feature list

Tough similar we can all agree that storage space in relation to cost goes hands down to WordPress, yes, the E-commerce plan is more expensive with WordPress, and the domain cost 1$ more on WordPress than it does on Wix. But that’s not the end of it up until the Business plan for WordPress its only 0.50$ more expensive than the best Wix has to offer and arguably offers more features.

But since the most expensive plan of WordPress is almost double of the price for the most expensive plan on Wix, and offer features that are not really all that relevant, the edge in this category goes to Wix.

Wix: 4.5

WordPress: 4.0

Design Wix vs WordPress

Now the ambiance of a webpage its fundamental now days, while again Wix vs WordPress offer a top of the line design, WordPress is more conservative in that aspect and has a vary long list of themes available for any user. Wix has a more modern approach and offers a lot of themes, sometimes the way the webpages are designed can be a little confusing for some.

In the end, WordPress sites can come across as being more professional and again most of what’s made using Wix feels like using an app on your phone.

For an example of a WordPress site we have… the Obama Foundation.

obama foundation website in wordpress

As for Wix we have… Seven Grams Caffe.

wix website exmaple

Both sire modern and professional but one comes on top. They are also optimized for smartphone support, as in creating your webpage and viewing it from any device. The edge in this case goes to WordPress, mostly because it offers a more refined feel and allows the user to use to more wide variety of themes than the ones available on Wix.

Wix: 4.0

WordPress: 5.0

Functionality Wix vs WordPress

As for the number of features offered by each platform, Wix offers a more cutting edge technology but at times it can be a bit too much to handle, it offers a full editor as well as a newly implemented AI, actually Wix is so engaged in bringing more and new features that there’s even a page called “New Wix Features By Date” that keeps a log of all the constant changes around the site and it’s tools.

WordPress offers a more conventional set of tools, also implementing an editor that supports various programing languages, more support than any other to different and useful kinds of add-ons, since now it supports MySQL the user has more control over the page and the data than with other options.

As we said, at times having a constant supply of new features can be overwhelming, and if you do manage to keep on date it will only be for a short while as likely some new change its going to be implemented and it will alter the way some code works, hence the emphasis in not using the code editor as often on Wix.

That is really not the case with WordPress while having a more centered array of functions it focuses on efficacy rather than number. And that it does very well.

It’s necessary to add that while Wix remains a web platform where you can create your page, it isn’t the case with WordPress at all, having their own free program/app that you can download in order to use it. Going to extra lengths just to offer more in this aspect, so this victory goes, hands down, to WordPress.

funtionality wix vs wordpress

Wix: 4.0

WordPress: 4.5

Support and community Wix vs WordPress

The Wix page does offer more options for the support page, having a long list of categories and an active forum to help anyone in need of assistance.

wix support community

The WordPress support page is more grounded, focus and simple, they do however have service line where you can get help directly from one of their employees.

wordpress support community

As for the communities both have a very well behaved and mature community most of the people in Wix are looking to share some of their life experiences while WordPress has more people interested in articles of opinion and academics, that being said Wix tends to show a higher number of ecommerce than WordPress but not by a large margin.

Both platforms are reliable and have very qualified people tending to their users needs, have quick response times and are very kind. The only downside its that WordPress charges separately for support while Wix includes the support on the plan you subscribe.

Wix: 5.0

WordPress: 4.5

Final Verdict Wix vs WordPress

We have enough for us to make a verdict

wix vs wordpress verdict

It’s a tie, well… not really. Each platform gives different advantages for different users, but in the end, both are at the very top of the web-creating industry.

If you want something easier to use for a lower price you might want to go with Wix, however you wont have all the features and design freedom available to you with WordPress, but if you’re looking for a more grounded and professional looking webpage perhaps you’d go for WordPress all be it at the expense of the excellent support provided by Wix and their lower prices.

We do hope that this article helps you figure out where you want to create your page, nothing more to add, good luck!

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