How to backup a WordPress site? 5 Free Methods to a proper backup

June 1, 2019

Today we are going to learn how to properly backup our WordPress site. Backing up is one of the must do things if you’re serious about your information in general. Otherwise you would be totally exposed to catastrophe in case of an accident of any other mishap that would render your info unobtainable.

How to do a proper WordPress backup?

There are several ways to do a proper back up, here we’re going to learn about the principal ones, which are. Using different plugins like UpDraftPlus and BackupBuddy, we are also going to learn how do it manually by yourself. Be aware for manual backup you are going to need an FTP program and we will also cover how to backup your database.

Before we get down to specifics yeah. I know why do it yourself right? Doesn’t my hosting company do it for me? Well the answer may vary from company to company but at the end of the day if you want to make sure that is done correctly then you might want to do it yourself. Besides hosting companies might do a backup monthly, or even yearly! So, keeping control should be a priority especially when you are creating new content on weekly basis.

WordPress Backup : Lets Begin

Some popular plugins for backing up your WordPress site are the following:





Now onto how to backup your site using UpDraftPlus.

updraft wordpress backup
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1) First you need to install UpDraftPlus, for that you might want to visit this link.
Alternatively you can open your WordPress dashboard, select plugins and then add plugins option on the menu bar. Search for UpDraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin and click install now, followed by activate.

2) Then you go into Settings and click UpDraftPlus Backups, this is all in your WordPress menu.

3) You can do a manual Backup clicking on the button Backup Now. After that you can download the backup to your local server or have the plugin sent it to some direction on the cloud.

4) You can also configure UpDraftPlus to schedule backups from every 4 hours to monthly basis.

5) You can chose your remote storage location from a wide range, the plugins own vault, FTP, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more… After you select one and link it, the plugin will tell you what steps to follow in order to finish.

For other options let’s check BackupBuddy.

backupbuddy wordpress backup

1) We need to download and install BackupBuddy, it does install like almost all the plugins on WordPress, after that you just activate it, it should be on the list of plugins in your dashboard.

2) Now we need to configure the plugin, go to your settings page and create a password for the ImportBuddy, that’s done under general options. Next enter your email address where any notifications should be sent.

3) You might want to set up a cloud backup as well, this plugin allows you to link with DropBox, Amazon S3 and most recently BackupBuddy Stash.

4) Now let’s back it up, just click Backup on the plugin menu and the select complete Backup, once this is done you can download all the information, sent it to the cloud server you have linked.

5) You can also schedule backups just to be safer, this can be done from daily basis to weekly.

The same steps apply for BackWPup.

backwpup wordpress backup

Just download and install the BackWPup plugin, search it like usual. Install, activate and do your backup using the plugin menu.

BackWPup is really easy to use and very lightweight too, it’s totally free it links to the most used cloud storage like, DropBox, Amazon S3, Google Drive… among others. It does offer a premium version that can help to do more than just a backup, it can restore, fix and repair your database.

VaultPress, it’s the same as above.

vaultpress wordpress backup

Really easy to use too and it’s made by the same company that maintains WordPress itself. It offers a lot of features such as daily backups, monthly archive, the option to restore and repair the dashboard of the plugin and your WordPress page.

As part of the premium plan it gives free cloud storage and it also scans your site every day to make sure it’s completely malware free. This is a very reliable option however a paid one.

Now let’s do a wordpress backup the old fashion way, manually.

1) Let’s begin by going into your WordPress directory, now in order to back everything up you need to download all of the WordPress directory or,if that seems like too much, just the wp-content subfolder in the directory.

wordpress backup directory

2) This includes the sub-folder like wp-admin and others. This all it’s vital information for your website, if downloading all sounds like too much trouble you can just download the wp-content folder and wp-confing.php file.
The wp-content takes care of the plugins, themes and uploads, while the wp-config.php handles the details of your website.

3) You need to access the directory via and FTP program (FileZilla for example). For this you need to login.

4) Locate the WordPress directory and simply download all the files to your computer or an external drive.

5) Done!

Remaining backup Steps

But this is not all, remember something called database? Well you better, now I’ll show you how to back it up manually.

1) Go to phpMyAdmin, the WordPress database stores all the content that it’s in your site, this is: Pictures, comments, text… anything at all that it’s hosted there.

2) Locate your database by the name you gave it.

3) Open it, by clicking on it, you should see something like this…

wordpress backup phpmyadmin

4) Click on the Export tab. Then click on Export method and then select one from the custom display of all possible options. Check all of the boxes of the items.

5) Choose a format and then click Go.

6) Done!

Well this is it for our little tutorial, I do hope that it helps you with any doubt you had with the process or if you didn’t knew anything about it, well now you do!

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